3,600 sqm of herringbone parquet in Nicolinehus

Bjelin provided 3,600 sqm of herringbone parquet to 240 high-end flats along the sea in Aarhus, Denmark. The new residential and commercial building, Nicolinehus, aims to inject life into the new harbour district with shops, cafés, a sports centre, and a hotel.

Nicolinehus is located in a brand-new area that is developing rapidly. The high-end flats sit alongside shops and restaurants and are expected to revitalise this part of town.


Nicolinehus is located in the harbour in Aarhus, Denmark.
The location of Nicolinehus is unique," said Henrik Ottesen, General Manager of Bjelin Denmark. "It's close to the water with a view of the harbour and the activities there. These flats were constructed with high-quality building materials, and the size and interior of the apartments are exquisite.

Herringbone parquet is a popular choice in Denmark. For the project at Nicolinehus, Bjelin's stylish STOCKHOLM herringbone parquet was selected. With its Natural colour in a Select grading, it provides a clean and harmonious yet authentic flooring experience. 


Stylish living room in one of the apartments.
“We are pleased with the result,” said Henrik Ottesen. “The floors contribute to the stylish and sophisticated vision of Nicolinehus.”
Cosy bedroom in one of the apartments.
Stylish and light hallway leading in to the bedroom.

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