Expert maintenance tips for hardened wood floors

Proper maintenance is essential to preserve the appearance and durability of hardened wood floors. Bjelin’s Technical Sales Manager, Anders Carlsson, shares his top tips. 


Pro matt lacquer surface maintenance

The key to maintaining a floor with a pro matt lacquer surface is to avoid excessive water usage. Instead, Carlsson recommends regular vacuuming or dry mopping and occasional damp mopping. A lacquered surface is generally easier to maintain, but it's crucial not to use too much water. Carlsson advises addressing specific spots when needed but emphasises that cleaning the entire floor is not typically necessary. 

“The frequency of cleaning depends on the area's usage,” says Anders Carlsson. “Bedrooms normally require less maintenance than high-traffic areas like kitchens. Daily mopping can be done as long as water usage is minimised since excessive water can lead to dirt simply being moved around.”
Anders Carlsson, Technical Sales Manager at Bjelin

Brushed lacquer floor care

A brushed floor provides more of a wood feeling. But when you’re brushing, you’re creating “valleys” in the floor, so a floor that is heavily brushed becomes harder to clean. Our product is not as brushed as many other products, which has made it possible for us to also lacquer our floors, hence making them easier to maintain. The advice for cleaning a brushed lacquered floor is, therefore, the same as any other lacquered floor, predominantly with dry mopping.

“There is a common misconception that hardened wood floors are more sensitive when it comes to cleaning, but excessive water usage is not beneficial for any type of flooring, including tiled floors.”

Maintaining hard wax oil floors

Carlsson acknowledges that hard wax oil floors require more frequent maintenance. He recommends using specialised equipment and wax care products. To keep the surface in good condition, he advises proactively maintaining the floor slightly before it actually needs maintenance. The frequency of maintenance depends on usage, with shoes-off households requiring maintenance every one to two years, while homes with shoe use necessitate annual maintenance at a minimum.

“Avoid using cleaning products that contain ammonium. The tannic acid in oak can react with these substances and potentially stain the floor. In case of pet accidents on an oak floor, clean with water alone.”

When damp cleaning is required

Carlsson suggests using a neutral pH7 cleaning agent diluted in lukewarm water. However, it's crucial not to use more water than the floor can dry within two to three minutes. Standard micro mops or well-wrung mop cloths are suitable for cleaning, while old, wet mops should be avoided. 


Top 3 tips for maintaining hardened wood floors:

  1. Ensure no sand or grit remains on the floor's surface, as it can act like sandpaper, causing scratches.
  2. Avoid excessive water usage during cleaning, and immediately wipe off spills. The combination of water and sand creates a surface prone to scratches.
  3. Put felt feet protectors under your furniture.

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