An elegant floor for a premium experience at Lakritsfabriken

When the new Lakritsfabriken store – The Liquorice Factory – opened at the shopping mall Väla in Helsingborg, Sweden, Bjelin’s hardened wood floor LOSHULT 3.0 XXL featured in the stylish design.

“We wanted to work with a local company and, together with the interior designer, we created a concept,” said the owner of Lakritsfabriken, Martin Jörgensen. “The main focus was to have an attractive and durable floor that would suit a public environment.”

Interior designer at Kantikant, Camilla Fritz Grundelius said: “Our brief was to create a premium experience and for the floor to be in harmony with the interiors. We chose the Select grading to avoid having too many knots in the wood, and together with the light Misty White colour, we created a clean and stylish canvas. The extra-large XXL planks added to the exclusive feeling we wanted to achieve."

“Choosing a hardened floor was partly for sustainable reasons but also because of the durability. We needed a floor that could handle heavy traffic. And we are super happy with the result. We receive plenty of praise from customers,” added Martin Jörgensen.

Lakritsfabriken – The Liquorice Factory – is a premium black liquorice brand launched in Sweden in 2011. The company is highly regarded and has won a number of awards for its products. The shop at Väla opened in 2022.

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