Design pro’s tips for lasting home style

Choosing the right floor is a crucial element of any interior design project. Quality and durability are key factors as they form the basis of the room’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. According to interior designer, Camilla Fritz Grundelius at Kantikant, “It also becomes the basis for an interior and should work both with the wall colour and the furniture.”

To select the right materials to complement the flooring, Grundelius recommends working with a mood board to visualise the feeling of the room. This includes selecting materials, colours and textiles for example, that fit into the colour palette set for the project. The choice of flooring colour is also influenced by existing conditions, such as the amount of natural light in the room and the purpose of the space. 

With regards to choosing the right flooring surface, Grundelius’s personal preference is the matte, genuine wood surface of Bjelin’s Misty White colour, in the Select grading. As an interior designer who values sustainability, she also appreciates the durability of Bjelin’s floors.


Camilla's preferred floor colour - Misty White.
The fact that the floors are better than others from a sustainable perspective is completely in line with the way we work at Kantikant.

Choosing a sustainable floor has become more important to clients as people are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their choices. “It is becoming increasingly common for customers to make demands regarding materials.”

Bjelin’s XXL planks are a popular choice for larger spaces, as they give a calmer expression to a room. However, they can also be used in smaller spaces to create the illusion of more space. Grundelius chose Bjelin’s floors initially for their range and variety and the fact that they are a local company. 


Camilla created the concept for the new 'Lakritsfabriken' store in Helsingborg, Sweden, where she chose the floor LOSHULT 3.0 XXL from Bjelin.
After using Bjelin floors in several different projects and seeing how easy they were to install, which was cost-effective, and how nice the results were, the choice to use them again has not been difficult. It has been top service and high quality of the products.

As for her own unique personal style, Grundelius says it’s a mix of old and new, gathered in a Scandinavian style and colour scale. 

Grundelius’ top 3 interior design tips:

  1. A mixture of materials, colours and different surfaces/structures create more dynamism in a room. Pick a few colours that act as a base and add one or a few accent colours.
  2. Think long-term and sustainably when you decorate: "Will I like this in say, 5-10 years?". Upcycle and renovate if you can. Recycled things provide character to your interior, and you also make a good choice for the environment.
  3. It's essential to work with lighting. All rooms and environments need the right lighting to reach their full potential.
Camilla Fritz Grundelius is an interior designer & project manager at Kantikant. She lives in an old house from 1930 in Helsingborg. She’s married with two children and is passionate about the creative processes, meaningful conversations, travelling, exercise, good food and wine. Her motto: The more you do, the more you get done.

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