A couple’s journey to choosing a stylish floor

Markus and Karolina Lintala, accompanied by their labradoodle Signe, recently searched for the ideal flooring solution. They wanted an aesthetically appealing floor that would also suit their active lifestyle and chose Bjelin's hardened oak floor, LARVIK.

"We chose Larvik because of its exceptional durability," Markus explained. "With a dog in the house, it was essential to have a floor that could withstand everyday wear and tear. Since the floor extends through the hallway and kitchen, we wanted the toughest option available."
Markus and Karolina Lintala

"The appearance was also important to us,” Karolina added. “We loved the light colour and the wide planks that Larvik offered."

Their decision to select Larvik in Powder White was solidified during a visit to the showroom. "Seeing it in person was a game-changer," Markus said. "We brought home a sample piece and examined it under different lighting conditions, ensuring it would match our vision. We also wanted it to harmonise with the Vistorp flooring we have upstairs, creating a cohesive look throughout our home."

Choosing Bjelin as their preferred brand was based on their previous experience. "The Vistorp floor still looks brand new,” Markus said. “Even after all these years since I installed it."

"We opted for the Select grading because we wanted minimal knots and a clean, sleek appearance. It aligns perfectly with our preference for a minimalist and contemporary style."

How to choose the right size and surface

The decision to go with the XXL plank size was primarily driven by aesthetics. "We wanted to achieve a spacious feel in our home,” said Markus. “When light falls on the wide planks, they create a visually appealing atmosphere."

The couple also opted for a brushed surface, citing both practical and sensory benefits. "Our previous floor was a traditional three-strip oak parquet, which showed footprints easily under certain lighting conditions," Markus explained. "With the brushed surface of Larvik, not only does it create a beautiful effect when light falls on it, but it also conceals footprints to a certain extent.”

“It also feels more natural and authentic compared to the previous floor,” he added. “Walking on it barefoot is an absolute pleasure."

The task of installing the floor

Markus decided to install the floor himself. "The installation process was surprisingly straightforward," he said. "I planned meticulously, starting with the initial pieces to ensure a straight line in the hallway.

It may sound unconventional, but I began laying the floor backward, clicking it in reverse. I wanted the hallway to have a visually appealing straight line, avoiding starting from a corner.

This way, when you open the door to the hallway, you have a clear view toward the light, and any smaller pieces are hidden in the corners where they are less noticeable."

Markus had prior experience with click flooring, even before it became widely available. “The technology has come a long way since then,” he said. “Now, you can simply fold down the short side of the plank, making the installation process even more efficient. If you make a mistake or need to replace a plank, it's easy to undo and replace it. This level of flexibility wouldn't be possible with traditional nail-down or glue-down floors."

"Having the floor in areas like the kitchen and near the entrance, where wet shoes or accidental spills may occur, made the waterproof feature an essential selling point,” said Markus. “It offers peace of mind, knowing that the floor can withstand moisture and spills."
The latest range of Bjelin’s hardened wood floors features Välinge Inovation's 5G® Dry™ floor locking system.

Maintenance of the floor

The durability and sustainability of Larvik flooring were significant factors in the Lintalas' decision-making process. "It's impressive that the entire tree is used, reflecting the environmentally conscious approach," Markus said. "We also appreciate that the flooring is locally manufactured."

Comparing their new Larvik floor to their previous wooden flooring, Karolina explained, "Larvik is incredibly low maintenance, which is a significant advantage." When asked about the maintenance routine, Markus responded, "Mostly, we vacuum the floor and occasionally wipe it down when necessary."

The result?

The Larvik floor has set the tone for their home, creating a calm and stylish atmosphere. Summing up their experience, Karolina said, "Larvik truly aligns with our lifestyle. We lead an active life, and its low-maintenance features make it a perfect fit.”

As visitors enter the Lintalas' home, their eyes are immediately drawn to the captivating Larvik floor. Karolina concluded, "Everyone who visits says 'wow' when they see our flooring.”

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