Eagle Nest Eco Lodge, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway

During the spring of 2020, In the midst of a global pandemic, the idea for the building project was spawned. A year later, Ingrid and Geir, entrepreneurs and hosts of Eagle Nest, started the construction of the structure. 

Since the site is located on a mountain without an access road, everything used for construction had to be transported by snow-mobile and bandwagon. 

Come fall of 2021, after a building process that was far from straightforward, the first guests were able to check in, albeit still waiting for Geir to install the front door locks…

This truly unique building sits on a mountain top in the scenic Gudbrandsdalen just off the highway E6 coming from Oslo, about 300 km south or 3 hours drive from the Norwegian capital. 

The house, or nest which actually is a better name, houses two people and is fully furnished and features a kitchen equipped with everything you need to make a meal that matches the view, a view which includes three national parks, can be experienced from the hot tub on the deck encompassing the house. The stunning wooden flooring gives you a warm welcome as you step into the nest. The flooring is provided by Bjelin and is made from hardened oak under the product name Lerhamn v2 and can be found here.